Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Paul C. Herr

was a good man, in my opinion the best. he was my hero since before i really knew what a hero was. he taught me how to fish and how to shoot a gun. he would take me on long motorcycle rides through the pennsylvanian countryside and for flights in his plane. he went deer and bear hunting every year until he was 80 years old. he was a staff sargent in the army and he received a bronze star for running into a firefight to carry wounded soldiers to safety. his laugh was contagious and his smile imposable to look away from. men like him are not made anymore, he was a legend, a hero and my grandpa.


  1. Very few Men have had to opertunity to look up to someone so Special, You're a Lucky Man.

  2. Total respect! Much love brother.

  3. Keep them stories alive to your youngster brother ....hes with u everyday man...RIP ...much respect for the real men that molded us ....