Tuesday, May 18, 2010

southern indiana fun.

shoe and myself organized a little run with a bunch of friends this past weekend. ran into a few problems along the way but had fun the entire time. check out other pictures here, here and here. showed up at the garage where team ricky/nicky was still drunk from the night before, decided camping next to a pond that was in a county expecting flash flooding was not a good idea and headed for shoe's shop. rode some really good back roads and headed home in the spitting rain. great roads, great friends, great fun.

draggers garage

bucko and lee


brown and company

lee pee

the gang

ha clasic!

back roads

the intersection

the flat tire

the bucko

the ride home

1 comment:

  1. said...
    Good times,,,Bad times you know Ive had my share........hahahaha

    Fun was still had those S curves and leading the pack......Oh by the way I jacked a few of your photos for my site...Thanks Shoe